Latest Changes

0.14.32019-01-11Changed: removed timezones Fixed: form calculation when year changes
0.14.22018-11-19Changed: api, favor Form instead of Rating
0.14.12018-08-28New: emails suggestion for game invitation
Fixed: form calculations
0.14.02018-06-18New: team averages, add non-team players to finished games, display timeout and connection errors
Changed: encryption method, concept of players without accounts, form is now calculated from past 10 weeks instead of past 10 games
Fixed: invitations, email visibility
0.13.32018-04-16Changed: removed players iframe from events page
Fixed: daylight saving time changes for periodic events
0.13.22018-02-23Changed: Reduced size of CSS, redesigned popups
Fixed: Untranslated texts, invalid timezones
Fixed: Past games edit not possible with no players, CSS
0.13.12018-02-16New: Game Cancellation reason
Changed: Reduced size of pages for better performance
Fixed: Automatic invitations, Weather forecast
0.13.02018-02-12New: Help buttons, Outdated application error for APIs
Changed: Font Awesome v5 icons, webfonts replaced by svg, captcha, popup windows, setting visibility/availability/privacy for users and teams
Fixed: language switching, minor bug fixes
0.12.22017-11-29New: enhanced tables with features of DataTables plugin.
0.12.12017-11-28New: order team members by form or rating
Fixed: language selection, game editing
0.12.02017-11-24Changed: complete API rework including authentication
Fixed: minor bug fixes and performance tuning (freegeoip replaced by maxmind)
0.11.82017-09-26New: Android application (on Google Play)
0.11.72017-09-24Changed: API changes needed for new Android application
0.11.62017-08-30New: cancelation of periodic games
Fixed: minor bug fixes and performance tuning
0.11.52017-08-15New: basketball, floorball, handball and waterpolo sports
Fixed: minor bug fixes and performance tuning
0.11.42017-08-03New: hockey and frisbee sports
Fixed: minor bug fixes and performance tuning
0.11.32017-07-31New: event statuses
Changed: email html code, sport icons
Fixed: minor bug fixes and performance tuning
0.11.22017-07-21New: site structure (more iframes, new links), plain text format for emails
Changed: event editing, event cancelation and sending of email notification
Fixed: minor bugs in HTML and CSS
0.11.12017-07-07New: log entries for players accepting/declining event participation, markup code for structured data
Changed: longer weather forecast (up to 15 days)
Fixed: errors in laguage detection, also affecting bots crawling
0.11.02017-06-27New: slovak language
Fixed: css and information in emails
0.10.02017-06-16New: design and color scheme
Changed: coding and database layout as preparation for translations, change logging mechanism
Fixed: minor bug fixes and performance tuning
0.9.82017-05-19New: logging of changes to users and teams, overall rating for players
Fixed: minor bug fixes and performance tuning
0.9.72017-05-10New: weather information from
Fixed: minor bug fixes
0.9.62017-04-27New: abuse, unsubscribe, spam database
Fixed: minor bug fixes and performance tuning
0.9.52017-04-10New: popup with information how the form is calculated, email templates
Fixed: minor bug fixes
0.9.42017-04-04New: version database, admin page
Fixed: home page CSS fixes, SEO fixes
0.9.32017-03-30New: user's score for each team
Changed: rating was renamed to form and calculation includes user's score
Fixed: user's statistics
0.9.22017-03-24Changed: email templates
Fixed: CSS fixes (firefox, opera, safari)
0.9.12017-03-21New: user delete, team delete
Changed: home page slider
Fixed: soccer icon
0.9.00000-00-00Initial version